Who we are

We share the belief that most organisations are not people experts, but need them to drive profit! With experience in Industrial Engineering, business and sociology, we know how to deliver a balanced and practical solution.

Our process starts with a free, no obligation, business health assessment. This allows us to plan the next step, and agree the most suitable engagement level required.

Our Team

Dr. Daniel Reitmann

Founder - BEng (Industrial) MBA PhD (Sociology)

Daniel has 30 years business culture development experience and delivered programs internationally to more than 100 organisations

Aneen Saayman

Culture Facilitator

Aneen has 22 years experience in hospitality and culture implementation. Together with Nubuzz she developed a start-up into a market leader, winning a National award as best hotel

Renier Jacobs

Creative Designer

Renier has over 20 years experience in the creative arts and having him on the team ensures a smooth and beautiful brand identity

What we do

The Perfect Culture Match

Through the innovative technology of CUCV Video Recruitment, we trust that your recruitment will be more efficient and that you will find the perfect culture match by pre-meeting your candidates online through pre-recorded introduction videos. 

SAVE 60% on recruitment costs by pre-screening and eliminating unsuccessful candidates before calling or having an interview.    

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Building Healthy Cultures

We talk to people, we assess and then we develop a plan to help improve employee engagement. We partner with the influencers and natural leaders to help implement the plan. We execute according to the company need and outcome. 

Through our 10-week Culture Leadership Program, your team can be fully transformed to build a healthy business culture. Engaged teams perform 2.5 times better

Ongoing Support

We deliver onsite or online support and coaching, tailor made to address your specific needs. Progress is measured and monitored to ensure objectives are met, and worker engagement reach new levels.

We partner with you to make you a market leader! With 30 years experience, with more than a 100 organisations, we know what it takes!

Portrait of successful young businesswoman speaking in front of audience at conference, making presentation to colleagues

Feathers Testimonial

Together with Nubuzz the Feathers Boutique Hotel team developed a start-up into a market leader, winning a National award as best hotel

“Our staff is our greatest asset. We believe in creating an engaged culture. Each and every one of our 17 staff members’ growth and well-being are important to us. I knew that the team had matured to a brand new level when we brainstormed our new vision and our previous slogan ‘our service builds a legacy’ was replaced with ‘we make travel light’. We have taken on the responsibility to share our knowledge and empower the hospitality industry in the decades to come.”